Make Firefox Safe for Children with WebFilter Pro Extension

Mozilla Firefox is certainly the best and most popular web browser in the world. More people are using Firefox than any other web browser. The Firefox browser is popular on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and more. If you have installed Firefox on your computer than you are already enjoying a secure browser. If you have kids using your computer, then you can make your Firefox kids friendly as well using the WebFilter Pro extension. The WebFilter Pro extension can block access to objectionable websites so that your children can use Firefox without worrying about any unwarranted mature content.

You can get the WebFilter Pro extension from the Mozilla extensions website. As soon as this extension is installed, your Firefox browser becomes safe for your kids to use. If by any chance they click on an objectionable link, it is automatically blocked. A message showing that “the access to the site is blocked” is shown instead of the website. The reason why the site was blocked is also displayed.

WebFilter Extension

The default settings of the WebFilter Pro extension should be enough for most of us. But you can also customize it to suit your needs. You can open its settings by clicking on its icon in the toolbar and selecting WebFilter Security Policy.

In the WebFilter Pro settings, you can set the extension mode – Parent or Kids. In the Parent mode, the restrictions are removed while in the Kids mode the restrictions to the objectionable websites are applied. You can also password protect the settings, so that your kids cannot switch to the Parent mode. You can choose to receive alerts of inappropriate content access by email and SMS.

WebFilter Extension

In the Block Policy, you can choose to block many different categories of sites like malicious sites, fraud sites, mature sites, abortion sites, drugs sites, proxy server sites and so on.

Conclusion: The WebFilter Pro extension for Firefox makes use of the cloud technology to block access to the inappropriate websites when your kids are using the browser. It can block sites belonging to many categories like mature sites, drugs sites, malicious sites, fraud sites etc.

You can download WebFilter Pro extension from