Scan & Repair Virus Infected Computer with AVG Rescue Disk

If your computer has been infected by viruses severely and it is unable to boot normally, then it is time to use the AVG Rescue Disk. The AVG Rescue Disk is a free bootable CD ISO image that can be used to scan and remove malware infesting your computer. It also has tools that can fix your hard drive problems and fix your unbootable system to boot again. The AVG Rescue Disk is available not only as an ISO image for creating a bootable CD, but also as a bootable USB disk. The downloads for the bootable CD image as well as the bootable USB stick are available separately on the AVG download website.

If you have selected to download the ISO image, then you would need a CD image burner application like ImgBurn as well as a blank CD to burn it on. But if you have selected to download the bootable USB disk version, then you would need a USB stick of size at least 1GB.

In both cases, you have to boot from the created bootable CD or USB disk. In order to do so, you may have to press F12 immediately after powering on your PC and then select the CD or USB disk. AVG Rescue CD is basically a live Linux CD and you have to choose the AVG Rescue CD from the list of options as your computer boots from it.

AVG Rescue Disk

It will load just like a basic Linux CD – recognizing your hardware, network, configuring and loading drivers for them. During this process, it will automatically mount all the hard disk drives so that they are easily available for scanning. In a shot time, it will display you the main menu where you can select various options like – Scan, Update, Utilities, Shutdown etc. The description for each of these options is written besides them. In general, you would want to use the Scan option. You can use the arrow keys and space bar to navigate through the options and select one of them.

AVG Rescue Disk

Before the scanning begins, the AVG Rescue CD tries to update the virus definitions database, so your computer should be connected to the Internet. Although the update can be performed both offline and online, the online update is much easier. The progress of the running scan will be displayed. Once the scan has finished, a scan report menu will be displayed with many options – show report, delete infected files, rename infected files and so on. At this point you should choose to rename or delete the infected files.

AVG Rescue Disk

Other than the basic scanning and removal of viruses on your hard disk, the AVG Rescue Disk also comes with many useful utilities like Midnight Commander, Test Disk and Windows Registry Editor. These tools can be used by advanced users to recover the files, fix registry related problems, disable auto-running programs, fix boot related problems and more.

Conclusion: The free AVG Rescue Disk is a bootable disk that can be used to detect and remove the malware from your virus infected PC. It can also fix problems that may be preventing your Windows PC from booting properly.

You can download AVG Rescue CD from