mozCleaner Helps Clean Firefox, Thunderbird & Other Mozilla Products

Mozilla software foundation is the organization responsible for creating amazing software like Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client, SeaMonkey etc. All these software are not only free, but are also open source. If you have used Mozilla Firefox before, then you know that there are not many things that you can clean through its options. Basically, you can only clean the history and cookies, while there are many other settings saved inside the browser. The free mozCleaner extension for Firefox, Thunderbird and other Mozilla products lets you clean many different areas of these programs easily. Some of the things that mozCleaner can clean are not cleaned even by popular CCleaner software.

You can download the mozCleaner add-on from the Mozilla extensions website. The same add-on works for all the supported Mozilla products. After the installation of the add-on is completed, you can invoke it by clicking on its icon in the add-ons toolbar at the lower-right corner in Firefox or by right-clicking anywhere in a message window in Thunderbird.


The mozCleaner window that opens up shows you nothing but two buttons – Analize and Clean. Clicking on the Analize button will start the analysis of your Mozilla software and show you details of the items found that can be cleaned up. On my Firefox installation, it detected many extensions along with their settings as well as the standard items like browser history, search engine settings and so on.


You can select which items are to be cleaned and then click on the Clean button. Be careful, if you select a detected extension, it may end up being removed by mozCleaner. After the cleaning is finished a log is displayed in the mozCleaner window indicating which of the items were removed. You can run the analysis once more to see how it has cleaned your Mozilla software.


Conclusion: The mozCleaner extension can remove the deep buried personal settings that are usually overlooked even by professional tools like CCleaner. The mozCleaner extension not only improves your browser or email-client privacy but also cleans up garbage retained by these Mozilla products over a long period of time.

You can download the mozCleaner extension from