Selectively Block Flash in Chrome Using Flash Control

If there is any most widely used third party plugin in web browsers, then it is Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash player plugin is used to display rich content on web pages like animations, graphics and videos. Most of the online video sites like Netflix, Hulu, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc., use Flash to serve their video content to the viewers. But at the same time, many sites use Flash to serve unwanted video snippets and advertisements to the visitors which is very annoying. If you are a Google Chrome user, then you can block Flash on such sites and prevent yourself from being forced to watch unsolicited video snippets.

You can get Chrome Flash Control extension from the Google web store. After the installation, it places an icon in the Google Chrome toolbar. Immediately after the installation, it takes you through a series of steps to configure the Flash Control options where you can set the default behavior of the Flash Control – whether allow flash or block flash by default.

Flash Control for Chrome

Now when you visit any website, the default behavior of Flash Control extension decides whether Adobe Flash will be enabled or disabled on that web page. If you have selected to block Flash by default, then no Flash content will be loaded on a webpage. In order to selectively load a flash content (for example, a video), you can click on the flash placeholder. You can click on the little Flash Control icon in the toolbar to allow or block Flash that webpage, add it to whitelist or blacklist and open the preferences.

Flash Control for Chrome

In the preferences for the Flash Control plugin, you can edit the whitelist of sites on which Flash is always allowed and the blacklist of sites where Flash is always blocked. You can choose the default behavior of the Flash Control plugin, choose whether to show the icon in the Chrome address bar, whether a re-block icon is displayed and various options about the Flash placeholders etc.

Flash Control for Chrome

Conclusion: The Flash Control extension for Google Chrome allows you to selectively allow or block the Adobe Flash content on websites. You can add sites to whitelist to always load the Flash content or add them to the blacklist to never load Flash on them. You can load the blocked Flash content by just clicking on the Flash placeholder.

You can download the Flash Control extension for Chrome from