VirusTotal Uploader 2.2 : Easily Scan Suspicious Files on VirusTotal

VirusTotal is an excellent online service to scan any suspicious files on your computer or on a website against more than forty different antivirus engines. The scanning is done using the latest virus definitions for all the antivirus engines. The scanning results are displayed almost instantly and you can see which of the antivirus engines detect the file as malware. But if you do not want to open your web browser in order to use the VirusTotal service, then you can use the free VirusTotal Uploader tool. It allows you to upload any running processes or files to the VirusTotal site and scan it for possible malware.

The VirusTotal Uploader can be downloaded from the VirusTotal website. It is very small in size (only 140KB). After the installation it gets integrated well into the Windows Explorer. In order to scan any suspicious files, you can just right-click on them and select Send to VirusTotal from the context-menu. This will check that file’s hash on the VirusTotal website. If the hash is found, the previous scan results are opened in your web browser. If the hash is not found, then the file is uploaded to VirusTotal servers to scan it and results are displayed in a few seconds. It supports uploading of files only up to a maximum size of 32MB (files larger than that are less likely to be infected).

VirusTotal Uploader

You can also launch VirusTotal Uploader from the desktop shortcut or from the Start Menu. It displays all the running processes on your computer. You can select any of these processes and upload the related executable file to VirusTotal for scanning. The same GUI can be used to select one or more files manually and upload them. You can also type in the URL of a file that you want to scan. VirusTotal Uploader downloads this file to your computer, uploads and then scans is on VirusTotal website.

VirusTotal Uploader

Conclusion: The VirusTotal Uploader makes it very easy to scan any suspicious files, running processes or URLs on the VirusTotal multi-antivirus engine online scanner service. It is very lightweight application and can show you the VirusTotal results reliably.

You can download VirusTotal Uploader from