Recover Passwords and Licenses from Hundreds of Programs with recALL

It is a well known fact that if you do not use a password for a long time, then you tend to forget it. This is why we should use password management programs like KeyPass or Password Safe. But if you have not stored your password in any such programs and have forgotten it, then you can try using the free program recALL to recover your password. The recALL program works on the assumption that you have stored your passwords in web browsers, email clients, FTP clients and other such programs. In addition to the passwords, recALL can recover software licenses as well. It can recover passwords and licenses from over 700 different programs in Windows.

You can get recALL from the Keit website. The download is a setup installer which can be used to install recALL on your Windows machine. Scanning on the VirusTotal, I found that some antivirus programs label it as hacktool but it causes no real harm.

When you launch recALL it shows you three options — automatic recovery, manual recovery and server emulation. The automatic recovery searches your entire hard disk for possible stored passwords and licenses. The manual recovery allows you to select a file which contains the passwords and then recovers passwords from them. The server emulation option uses the man-in-the-middle technique to run a local email server on your computer and intercept the username and passwords from your FTP and email clients.

recALL Password Recovery

If you are confused which option to select, then you can try the Automatic Recovery which would do everything to scan and find all the stored passwords and software licenses. With this option selected, it takes a few minutes to scan all the files and registry for licenses and passwords. All the detected items are shown neatly in a list which can be exported to CSV, Text or HTML files.

recALL Password Recovery

Some of the FTP clients and email clients store passwords in encrypted format, so it is not possible to recover passwords from their files. But recALL can emulate as an FTP or email server to intercept passwords from them. You have to choose the third option (server emulation) and click Next. After this you can launch your email client, change the incoming server and check for your emails. In a few seconds, recALL will intercept the passwords and display then in plain text for you.

recALL Password Recovery

Conclusion: The recALL password and license recovery tool can recover passwords and software license codes from more than 700 different programs in Windows. It can emulate as a fake FTP/Email server to intercept the passwords stored in encrypted format.

You can download recALL passwords and licenses recovery program from