Automatically Backup USB Pen Drives with USBFlashCopy

Sometimes I am forced to bring my work from office to home. For security reasons, I do not use cloud storage or any other online medium for transferring files from my office computer to my home computer. Instead I carry the documents and other work related files on my USB flash pen drive. When I come home, I have to plug in the USB flash disk, open Windows File Explorer, copy the contents from USB flash drive over to hard disk and then start working on them. If you also have to copy the contents of your USB keys to a folder on your hard disk, then you can automate this task using the free USBFlashCopy tool.

The USBFlashCopy tool can automatically copy all the contents of your inserted USB pen drive into a pre-specified folder of your choice as soon as it detects that you have plugged in the USB flash disk into your computer.

USBFlashCopy is a completely portable tool. You can download and copy it to any folder on your hard disk and run it from there. It keeps looking for any new USB keys being attached to your computer. As soon as it detects a new USB flash disk, it pops up a “New Media Found” window.

USBFlashCopy : USB Pen Drive Backup

In this window, you can configure a new profile for this new detected USB pen drive. You can also assign a previously created profile for this disk. In the profile, you have to tell USBFlashCopy about how to copy the files, where to copy the files and other related settings.

USBFlashCopy : USB Pen Drive Backup

Every USB key is identified by its unique drive serial number. This way when you plug-in your USB key next time, USBFlashCopy will automatically detect the profile for this USB drive and start copying the files to the specified folder without any delay. You can also manually backup the contents of a USB flash disk, by right clicking on the USBFlashCopy system tray icon and choosing to backup it. The settings for USBFlashCopy are also accessible from this system tray menu.

USBFlashCopy : USB Pen Drive Backup

In the settings for the USBFlashCopy, you can choose whether you want to run USBFlashCopy automatically at Windows startup, edit removable media check interval, edit previously created profiles, or create new profiles. The silent option (that makes USBFlashCopy invisible) is also available but only for the paid version.

USBFlashCopy : USB Pen Drive Backup

Conclusion: The USBFlashCopy tool can automatically backup the contents of USB flash drives to a folder on your hard disk, as soon as you plug them into your computer. It is a small portable application and runs flawlessly in all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 and above.

You can download USBFlashCopy from

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