QTranslate : Translate Any Text into Dozens of Languages

If English is a second language for you or you are trying to learn a a foreign language, then it is very useful to keep a software dictionary on your computer. This way you can always translate between your language and the language you are learning, whenever you are having trouble with the foreign language. There are many online translation apps and many dictionary software like WordWeb and Babylon, but if you want a dictionary software that can translate using multiple online dictionary engines and supports nearly 60 different languages, then you can use the free QTranslate software.

QTranslate can be downloaded from their appspot webpage. The application works for all the versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. It is available both as a portable application as well as a installation program.

QTranslate : Translate Between 60 Langauges

Using the QTranslate translation software is extremely easy. As soon as you launch QTranslate, it will set the upper text pane with your default operating system language (usually English). You can type any text that you want to translate. In the lower text panel, you can set the target language from a list of about 60 languages. After this you can click on the Translate button and it will quickly perform the translation and show the translated text in the lower text pane. You can also click on the headphone icon to listen to the text using a very fine quality online text-to-speech engine.

QTranslate : Translate Between 60 Langauges

If you are not satisfied with the translation, then you can choose a different dictionary engine. It supports Bing, Prompt, Babylon, SDL, youdao or Yandex online translation engines. Personally, I found that Bing translator works the best among all the engines given.

You can open QTranslate settings by clicking on the down-arrow near the top-right corner and selecting Options from the menu. You can choose the settings for fonts, first language, services, internet settings, languages supported and appearance from the options window.

QTranslate : Translate Between 60 Langauges

Conclusion: The QTranslate software is very nice application that can quickly translate text between any two of the supported languages. It supports around sixty different languages and can use four different online translation engines including Bing, Babylon, SDL, Yandex and youdao.

You can download QTranslate from http://quest-app.appspot.com/.