Battery Doctor Saves Your Battery Power in Android

If there is one ailment that mobile devices suffer from, it is the ever discharging batteries. This is why when most of us go for buying a new mobile phone or tablet, we usually take into account its battery capacity. For how long a fully charges battery will last in the smartphone and how much longer it would take for it to be recharged again, are some of the common questions we often ask a mobile devices salesperson. The battery drains faster if you are using networks like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G. If you are annoyed at your battery draining too fast in your Android device, then you can use the free Battery Doctor app to make your battery last much longer.

After you install the Battery Doctor app it displays a screen saver that shows your battery charge level and you have to slide to the left to unlock your phone. After you unlock, it shows the charge screen with 3 stage charging. If you have not connected your device to a charger, then it shows the discharge status.

Battery Doctor

In the Save section, you can one-tap diagnose your device and see which apps and services are draining most of your device’s power. It also gives you options to close these power draining apps, services and features to save your battery power.

Battery Doctor

In the Mode section, you can choose the mode for your device. It has two preset modes – super saving mode and silent mode, but you can also have your own custom mode. In these modes, the services, features and apps are fine tuned in order to maximize your battery life.

Battery Doctor

The Rank section can display a list of all the running apps (or apps installed) in the order of most battery consuming app to the least battery consuming app. On my tablet, it showed that Google Play has used up most of the battery. You can device whether you want to remove an app that is draining your battery power.

Battery Doctor

Conclusion: The Battery Doctor app is a must for all Android users. It can make your battery last longer and save it from being drained by unnecessary apps. It can kill apps running in the background to save the battery power and has different modes for different times of the day to preserve your battery charge.

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