Uranium Backup : Feature Loaded Backup Solution for Windows

With the recent attacks of CryptoLocker ransomware, security experts are advising that the only effective way to beat such malware in the future, is to regularly create backups of all of your important documents and other files. You can use the Windows in built backup feature to create a backup, but it does not have that many features and it does not give you many choices for backup destinations. Instead, you can use many third party backup tools to maintain regular backups of all your important files, so that you can restore them in cases of malware infections or other such emergencies. The free Uranium Backup may be the backup solution that can fit your backup needs in Windows.

The Uranium Backup is a free software that provides an extensive set of features for your backup requirements. Here are some of the important features of Uranium Backup :

  1. Supports multiple backup sets (source and destination)
  2. Supports multiple backup forms (tape backup, DVD backup, SQL server backup, FTP backup, Cloud backup, ZIP backup etc.)
  3. Supports strong encryption with AES 256 bit cipher
  4. Supports scheduling of backups
  5. Can send email notifications of backup completion events

When you launch Uranium Backup for the first time, you will have to create a new backup set by clicking on the Create New Backup Set icon in the toolbar. You have to give this new backup set a name and choose the source folders to backup and a destination where the backup is to be placed. You can later add or remove more source folders or files to this set.

Uranium Backup

Under the Scheduling section for a backup, you can choose a schedule when this backup set should be run automatically. You can choose days of the week, days of the month, a specific date or a specific time of the day for scheduling this backup set.

Uranium Backup

You can also customize various details of a backup set under the Options section for a backup set. These options are just too many to mention in this article, but you can control if you want to store the backup on a tape, DVD/Blueray, FTP server, SQL server, ZIP compression level, cloud backup (it supports only Azure cloud) and encryption etc. You can also choose the mail server details for sending you backup related alerts.

Uranium Backup

If you have schedules a backup set, then you have to do pretty much nothing. When the time comes, Uranium Backup will run the backup without fail. But if you are in impatient soul and want to hurry up things a little, then you can run the manual backups too by clicking on the Run the selected backup set icon in the toolbar.

At any later stage, you can restore your files from the backups from the Restore menu in the menubar or by clicking on the Restore button in the toolbar and choosing the source of your backup – tape, DVD, zip file, FTP server etc.

Uranium Backup

Conclusion: Uranium Backup is a feature loaded, well respected backup solution for Windows users. It supports a huge number of backup types from the ancient tape drives to the modern cloud based backups. It can protect your data by strong encryption using the AES 256 bit cipher. Uranium Backup can prove to be a life saver and can restore your files in cases of malware infection, corruption, hard disk failure and other exigencies.

You can download Uranium Backup Free from http://www.nanosystems.it/uranium-backup-software/.