History Eraser Makes Your Chrome Browser Squeaky Clean

It is no secret that your web browser accumulates lots of junk after continued use of many months. Just like a machine that does not perform well if its moving parts like gears are loaded with gunk after a long term use, the Chrome web browser also become slow and sluggish after regular use. In order to keep it running well, you need to clean it regularly. The free History Erase extension for Chrome can help you clean all sorts of data that gets piled up as you use the web browser from day to day. It is able to clean the browsing history, cookies, cache, stored passwords, download history and many more types of databases.

You can install the History Erase extension from the Chrome webstore after which you would see a red-white-blue rubber eraser icon in the Chrome toolbar. You can launch the History Eraser by clicking on this eraser icon.

History Eraser for Chrome

In the History Eraser window, you can choose various items that you would want to clean from your Chrome web browser, e.g., browsing history, cache, saved passwords, download history, cookies, plug-ins data, indexed databases, application cache and more. You can also choose the time interval for which you want to run the cleaning, e.g., from the beginning of time, last seven days or a specific date range, etc. Finally clicking on the Run Eraser button starts the cleaning process and removes all the junk that you have collected in Chrome over time.

History Eraser for Chrome

You can also click on the History button to open a new window (or tab) which shows you the latest items in your web browsing history. You can view the history for any specific time range or date, select the items you want to remove and click on the bin icon to get rid of them.

History Eraser for Chrome

Conclusion: The History Eraser does not only protect your online privacy by cleaning your browsing history, but it also makes Chrome browser faster in performance by removing the junk files that were making it sluggish. History Eraser does not limit its cleaning to the basic items like browser history and cookies, but it goes further and cleans the databases, indexes and file systems related to the Chrome web browser.

You can download & install History Eraser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.