coconutBattery Shows Battery Health Status for Mac

When my niece graduated from high school and went on to study in the University of Maine last year, her parents bought her a new Macbook air. This reminded me of my own notebook and how the things get worn out after some years of continuous use. The first thing that shows the signs of old age in a notebook is its battery – the battery won’t charge to the full capacity or it will discharge in lesser time than before. It can be annoying when you are working on your notebook and suddenly the battery runs out of charge. If you want to keep a tab on the health of your Macbook’s battery, then you can use the free coconutBattery app for Mac.

The coconutBattery app is available for free from the Coconut Flavor website. The latest version of the coconutBattery runs on MaxOS X 10.7 or higher. It can run on Macbook Pro or Air. After the installation of this app in your Mac computer, you can launch it from the Launchpad.

The coconutBattery shows details  about your Mac computer as well as about your battery. It shows the model and manufacturing information about your Macbook. You can see the battery charge status and the capacity level. If you click on the Mac Details button, then it will display the information about your Macbook. Similarly, if you click on the Battery Details button, then it will show more information about your battery, e.g., manufacturer, model, load cycles, age, serial, battery temperature and more.


It also allows you to save the current maximum capacity of your battery, so you can see the changes of your battery health over time (in case the maximum charge capacity decreases in the future). The coconutBattery also has an online comparision service using which you can upload your Macbook’s battery data to the coconut website and compare it with the battery capacity with others.

Conclusion: The coconutBattery application for Mac is a little but useful app for staying in touch with the health status of your battery. It can show the charge status and the maximum charging capacity level for your battery along with many other technical details. It is also able to tell if your battery has any defect.

You can download coconutBattery from