Improve Windows Performance with Actual Booster

We all have seen Windows computers making us wait for a program to respond or launch, while other processes keep doing something in the background. This is obviously because of slower hardware of your PC. But if you do not want to invest in newer hardware, then you can make your Windows PC a tiny but faster by using Actual Booster. It is a free software that works by switching the process priority level of the currently in-focus program to the topmost level. This way most of the CPU power is allocated to the current program and it responds better to user’s input.

You can get Actual Booster program from the website of Loonies software group. The program is available both in form of a setup installer as well as a portable application. I always prefer the portable apps as they do not install anything on your system.

As you launch the Actual Booster program, it places an icon in the Windows notification area. It seems to do nothing, but in the background it keep monitoring the programs that you are currently working on. It automatically switches the process priority level of programs in the foreground to “High” – making CPU to pay extra attention to these programs.

Actual Booster

There are times when you do not want to give more CPU power to foreground programs. This is when you can disable or turn off the Actual Booster. You can right-click on the Actual Booster icon in the system tray and select Enabled to disable it. From the same context-menu you can access its options.

In the options window, you can choose hotkeys to show the options window or close the Actual Booster program. You can also choose the process priority level that Actual Booster switches the foreground programs to. There is an option to auto-start it with Windows too.

Actual Booster

You will not notice any significant improvement in your system performance if you already have a faster computer. But if you have a CPU with clock frequency around 1.2GHz, then probably you will notice some performance boost.

Conclusion: The Actual Booster program uses a simple trick to give a little performance boost to your foreground programs. It raises the process priority level of the programs in foreground to the highest level, giving them more share of your CPU’s power.

You can download Actual Booster from