SteadyCrypt : Quickly Encrypt Your Files & Folders

Like everyone else, I am sure you also have some secret files and documents that you want to keep hidden away in some corner of your hard disk. But if you leave them as is, then some day someone will eventually  stumble upon them. The best way to keep your secret files secret is to encrypt them. You can use Windows built-in Bitlocker encryption program but that works best if you want to encrypt entire partition. You can use the free SteadyCrypt encryption program that can quickly encrypt your private or secret files using the powerful AES cipher.

SteadyCrypt is designed using the Oracle Java programming language and as such it works in all the Java supported operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac. It uses the AES cipher which is considered a very powerful encryption cipher in modern times. The program is portable, so you can extract the SteadyCrypt files to any folder on your hard disk or USB disk and run SteadyCrypt.exe from there.

When it is launched for the first time, you have to create a seven character password for the database that stores your encrypted files and folders. Later on whenever you start SteadyCrypt, you have to enter this password to access your encrypted files and folders.

SteadyCrypt Encryption Tool

Encrypting your files is very easy with SteadyCrypt. All you have to do is drag-n-drop the files on to the SteadyCrypt window and it will encrypt them. The original files shall be removed automatically. After this these files are present only inside the SteadyCrypt encrypted storage. You can encrypt an entire folder in a similar way.

When you have encrypted thousands of files, it becomes difficult to find them in the SteadyCrypt, but you can use the search functions to locate the files you want. If you want to decrypt a file then you can right-click on that file and choose Decrypt selection or Decrypt to original location. You can also delete a file from the SteadyCrypt encrypted storage.

SteadyCrypt Encryption Tool

Conclusion: The SteadyCrypt encryption tool is a free and portable way to encrypt your secret documents, pictures, videos and other type of files. It uses AES cipher for powerful encryption. Since it is a Java application, it runs on all Java supported platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows.

You can download SteadyCrypt from