How to Stream Live Videos on Twitter Using twitcam

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging social network in the world. Millions of users are using it everyday to communicate with each other. Twitter has been a crucial way of interaction in recent historical events like the turmoil in Egypt and revolution in Turkey. We all know that we can post messages of a maximum length of only 140 characters on Twitter. But in these 140 characters, you can also include links to pictures and videos. And if you want to broadcast live to our Twitter followers, then you can use the free twitcam web app to broadcast live using your webcam and let everyone on Twitter know about it. This way everyone on Twitter who follow you can watch your broadcast, as well as chat with you in real-time through Twitter.

The free web app twitcam is powered by livestream. Using twitcam is pretty easy. All you need is a webcam connected to your computer and fast internet connection. Both of these requirements are a given for any modern computer user because all the laptops these days come with an in-built webcam and free Wi-Fi hotspots are available everywhere.

First of all you have to connect your webcam to your computer and switch it on. Also make sure that your microphone is working and its sound levels are optimal, so that anyone who watches your live video stream is able to hear what you are saying or listen to music that you are playing.

Next, you can use any of your installed web browsers and navigate to the twitcam website at You have to login using your Twitter account, so click on Broadcast Live button on the twitcam website, enter your Twitter credentials and give permission to the twitcam app. After this you would be able to see your webcam feed on the twitcam site.

Twitcam Live Video Streaming on Twitter

Now you have to type in a description for your live broadcast and click on the Broadcast & Tweet button to start the broadcast and post a link to the broadcast on your Twitter timeline. Everyone who follows you on Twitter will be notified about the broadcast and they can follow the included link to come and watch your live video stream and send you messages.

When you have finished your live video streaming, you can click on the Stop Recording & Begin Archiving button, this will create a video of your live video event and store it on the livestream servers that you can watch anytime later or share with any of your friends.

Conclusion: The twitcam web app is a free and fun way to start a live video streaming event with your Twitter followers. Not only you can interact with your Twitter community in real time, you can also post the archived videos of such live events for watching later on Twitter.

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