How to Remap Your Keyboard Keys with SharpKeys

I recently bought a new keyboard online on Amazon. The keyboard is very fine in quality, but it comes with the pound key (£) instead of the dollar sign key ($). Although I seldom have to use this key, but this becomes a little awkward when trying to type the prices of items. Similarly, sometimes there are some keys that you wish could be replaced with some other keys. For example, I always wanted to have an extra Shift key in place of the Caps Lock. If you want to remap a key to another key on your keyboard in Windows, then you can use the free SharpKeys software.

The SharpKeys software is a free key remapper software for Windows that allows you to make any key work like any other key on your keyboard. This way you can make the E key on your keyboard type O, as an example. The SharpKeys program is coded with .NET 2.0 technology and so you must have Microsoft .NET framework redistributable installed prior to using the SharpKeys.

SharpKeys Key Remapper

In the SharpKeys program, you can click on the Add button to start adding a new key for mapping to another one. In the window that opens up, you have to choose a key from the left-side list and then another key from the right-side list. The key selected from the left-side shall be remapped with the key chosen in the right-side list. You can also click on the Type Key button to type the key instead of selecting it from the list. Finally, click on the OK button to save the remapping.

Back in the main SharpKeys window, you can add more keys to be remapped or you can write the remapping data to the Windows registry by clicking on the Write to Registry button. After this, you will have to restart Windows (or log off and then log on) for the changes to take effect.

SharpKeys Key Remapper

At any later time, if you want to remove the remapping of the keys, then you can launch SharpKeys again and delete one or all of the key mappings from the list. You can also manually delete the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout\Scancode Map value from Windows registry. Again a restart of your computer is required for the changes to take effect.

Conclusion: The SharpKeys software makes it very easy to remap any key on your keyboard to any other key. This way you can give special key codes to any key on your computer’s keyboard.

You can download SharpKeys from