Search & Run Apps in Windows Easily with Pretty Run

If you want to launch a program in Windows, then you probably would look for it in the Start Menu or use the Start button search to find it. But the Windows search shows only the applications installed in your Windows PC, it does not show you the web browser bookmarks, find songs through MP3 file tags, or allow you to run a group of programs in single click. If you want to have an improved search feature in Windows then you can use the free Pretty Run program. It can search through the bookmarks in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, search through MP3 files among other places.

After the installation of Pretty Run in Windows, it places a running-man icon in the notification area. You can double-click on it to open the Pretty Run search window. You can also right-click on this icon and select Options to open the Pretty Run settings.

Pretty Run App Launcher

In the Pretty Run search window, you can type just about anything and it will display the search results in the list. The search is almost instantaneous and looks for the search term in all the usual places like Start Menu, desktop, Control Panel, Internet Explorer, printers, clipboard etc. You can just hit Enter to launch the selected item in the search list. You can also right-click on any items in the search list and choose to run it with elevated privileges.

Pretty Run App Launcher

In the settings for the Pretty Run program, you can add more places to look for during the search, customize the hotkey (Win+S by default) to launch Pretty Run, choose opacity level for the Pretty Run search window, add filter words, use magic words to launch custom programs quickly, and create a portable version of the Pretty Run application.

Pretty Run App Launcher

Conclusion: Pretty Run allows searching & launching of programs, files and bookmarks in Windows as easy as it can be. It can search through the MP3 tags of your music collection, the bookmarks of Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox and more.

You can download Pretty Run from