How to Uninstall Multiple Apps Quickly in Android with Easy Uninstaller

Like every other Android smartphone user, I also try out apps from the Google Play Store from time to time. The Play Store has millions of free apps that you can try and see which one works for you. For example, if you want to protect your Android device then you can try installing different antivirus apps from the Play Store until you find the one that fits your requirements. But during this trial of apps process, you get many apps installed on your Android device that you no longer need. You can uninstall them one-by-one from the Apps section of the Android settings, but if you want to uninstall multiple apps in one go, then you can use the free Easy Uninstaller app.

The Easy Uninstaller app is free but it shows ads at the bottom. After the installation of this app from the Google Play Store (see the link at the bottom of this article), you can launch it from the All Apps screen.

Easy Uninstaller for Android

The Easy Uninstaller app takes a little time during which it scans your device for all the installed apps. After this, you can a list of all the installed apps. You can select one or more of these apps that you want to remove and tap on the green Uninstall button to start the removal. You would see the usual confirmation to uninstall followed by the uninstallation progress of the apps.

Easy Uninstaller for Android

In the settings of the Easy Uninstaller, you can choose to show the notifications in the system bar, enable/disable uninstallation of multiple apps (as opposed to uninstallation of only one app at a time), enable the reminder to remove the junk files after removing an app from the Android device, etc.

Conclusion: The Easy Uninstaller app allows you to quickly remove multiple apps in just one go. In addition to removal of the apps, it also removes the cache and junk files related to the target apps.

You can download Easy Uninstaller from