How to Slim Down Firefox Add-ons Manager

The Mozilla Firefox web browser has always been a trend setter. In its early days when it came up with the tabbed browsing and made it very popular, other web browsers were forced to adopt the tabbed browsing as their standard feature. Similarly the Mozilla Firefox browser started to offer add-ons and extensions and now has thousands of free add-ons at every Firefox browser user’s avail. The settings of these installed add-ons are usually accessible from the Firefox’s Add-ons Manager. The Firefox Add-ons Manager shows a list of all the installed extensions and plugins but it has a large size interface so you have to scroll up and down to view all the add-ons. If you want to slim down the Firefox Add-ons Manager, then you can make use of the Slim Add-ons Manager extension.

You can find and install the Slim Add-ons Manager extension from the Mozilla Firefox extensions repository. After the installation, you will not notice any changes in the basic behavior or the look of your Firefox browser. It does not install any icons in the toolbar or menu items. But when you open the Add-ons Manager by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+A or through the menubar, you would see a slimmed down version of the Add-ons Manager.

Slim Add-ons Manager

If you want to view the original full and large sized Firefox Add-ons Manager, then you can disable the the Slim Add-ons Manager and it would quickly switch to the large sized add-ons manager.

Slim Add-ons Manager

Conclusion: If you have installed many Firefox extensions and the list of the add-ons in the Firefox add-ons manager has grown too big, then you can use the Slim Add-ons Manager to slim it down so that you can easily manage your installed extensions.

You can download the Slim Add-ons Manager extension from


  1. Hey, I’m the author of the Slim Add-ons Manager extension. Thanks a lot for blogging about it!

    1. Hey Andreas. It is a great add-on so I could not help but write about it. And it is very nice of you to comment about this post 🙂

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