Scan Documents as PDF Files with Free STP (Scan to PDF)

Everybody has a printer these days. Partly because the inkjets printers have become so cheap. Even the multi-fuction inkjet printers, which have scanner, printer and copier functions, are cheaper now-a-days. If you have a scanner or a multi-function printer, then you can scan any of your documents, pictures and anything on a paper and save it as JPEG image in your PC. While some of the scanners allow you to save the scanned documents as PDF files, others can only save in the BMP, JPG or PNG file formats. If you scanner cannot save the scanned documents as PDF files, then you can use the free STP software to scan your documents directly into PDF files.

The STP (scan to PDF) software works with any type of scanner. It does not need any special driver to access the scanner, it uses the existing scanner driver to scan the documents. After the installation, you can attach your scanner to your computer and run STP. Now you can place a document page in the scanner and click on the Scan New Page button. The document will be scanned and you would see it in the STP window. You can place another page and scan again. You can scan as many pages as you want.

STP (Scan to PDF)

You can also re-scan a document or manually insert a JPEG image. When you are ready to save the scanned documents into a PDF file, adjust the JPG image quality (100% quality is recommended), and click on the Make PDF button. It shall create a PDF and place it in the output folder of your choice.

Additionally, you can scan your documents into JPEG images using your scanner as usual and then use STP to convert all of them into a PDF file using the JPEG to PDF function of STP. You have to add all the JPEG images choose whether to adjust the JPEG quality and then click on the Convert button to save them into a single PDF file.

STP (Scan to PDF)

Conclusion: The Scan to PDF (STP) allows you to scan your paper documents into PDF files very easily. You can rotate the scanned images, add new JPEG images manually and reduce PDF file size by changing the JPEG quality before creating the PDF file.

You can download STP (Scan to PDF) from