SSleuth for Firefox Shows the Strength of the HTTPS Connections

When you have to transfer some sensitive information over the internet like entering the passwords in an online banking website, then you should check if the connection is secure or not. The easiest way to check whether a website is opened through a secure connection is checking if the site address begins with https:// in the web browser address bar. Some of the web browsers also change the address bar color to green or yellow or show a padlock icon to indicate the secure connection. But the quality of all the secure connections is different. Some of them use the SSL certificates and others use the more modern TLS connections. If you want to easily check the details of a websites the encrypted secure connection, then you can use the SSleuth extension in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

After the installation of the SSleuth extension in Firefox, you can visit any website that allows you to connect through an encrypted secure connection. For example, all the web mails sites (like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook etc.), all the online banking sites, cloud storage sites (like Dropbox,, Norton Zone, Bitdefender Safebox, Google Drive etc.) allow you to connect securely through any web browser.

SSleuth for Firefox

After the web site has been opened in the Firefox browser, you would see a security ranking for the secure connection in the address bar. The ranking ranges from 0.1 (worst) to 10.0 (best). You can click on these ranking numbers to see more details about the secure connection. The details show the cipher used, hash used and the certificate details.

In the SSleuth extension options, you can change the settings for the UI  and view some other informational details. You can choose whether you want to see the secure connection ratings in the address bar or the toolbar. You can also adjust the size of the font used in the SSleuth UI.

SSleuth for Firefox

Conclusion: SSleuth extension for Firefox allows you to view the strength of the secure connections in the Firefox web browser. It shows you the rankings of the secure connections as well as the certificate details.

You can download SSleuth extension for Firefox from