How to Capture Full Webpage Screenshots in Internet Explorer

Sometimes you have to capture full webpages and save them as images, for various reasons. For example, if you want to share the congratulations screen when you win an online computer, or if you want to capture your facebook webpage and share the image with your friends. Saving the webpages as images makes sense because they are easier to open and share compared to other types of file formats like MHT or MHTML. Since you cannot capture an entire scrollable webpage to its full length using the basic screen capture functions, you need to use special programs or extensions in web browsers. In Firefox and Chrome, it is very easy to find an extension to do the job. But for Internet Explorer no such extensions are available and you have to depend on third party programs like GreenShot.

The GreenShot program is a comprehensive screen capture program that allows you to capture windows, controls, regions or full screen on your desktop. This program also has the capability to capture webpages in Internet Explore to their full length (in case they are scrollable).

After you have downloaded and installed GreenShot in Windows, you can open Internet Explorer and navigate to any webpage that you want to capture & save as an image. When the webpage has fully loaded, press the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + PrintScreen to start the Internet Explorer webpage capture. Before you press this hotkey, you should make sure that the Internet Explorer is the current active window (it is in focus). If Internet Explorer is in background, then GreenShot will not be able to capture it.

Capture Full Page Screenshots in Internet Explorer

GreenShot will automatically scroll the webpage and take the screenshots of the webpage and then join them together to make a long image of the full webpage. This works best for websites without any floating components. After the capture is complete, you are show a menu from which you can choose various options to save the captured image – copy it to clipboard, save it as an image, print it, open in image editor, upload to Dropbox and many more.

Capture Full Page Screenshots in Internet Explorer

Conclusion: If you have to capture full webpage screenshots in Internet Explorer, then GreenShot is your best bet. It makes it very easy to capture webpages in Internet Explorer just by using a hotkey. You can save the captured webpages as images, edit them in GreenShot image editor or upload them to your cloud storage accounts.

You can download GreenShot from