Voralent Antelope Crushes JPEG and PNG Images File Size

When you are working with websites, one of the first things that you learn is to optimize your images and make them smaller so that your website loads faster and opens quickly when a visitor tries to access the webpage. If you upload you pictures straight from your digital camera to your website or social network, then those high-quality and large sized files would take a long time to download. The large sized image files are great for printing, but for online sharing it is a wise idea to cut down on their sizes so that can be quickly downloaded and viewed. You can use the free software Voralent Antelope for cutting down on the image file sizes. Free Antelope can dramatically reduce the file sizes for two most popular image types – JPEG and PNG images.

You can get free Antelope from the Voralent website. They also have JPEGMini and PNGMini programs, but the Antelope combines the functions of both of these programs ans supports both the JPEG and the PNG image files.

The main interface window of Antelope accepts files dropped on it. So in order to add your image files to the list, you can drag-n-drop them on the Antelope window. You can also drop entire folders on the Antelope window and all the files inside them shall be automatically added.

Volarent Antelope

You can click on the options icon (that looks like three horizontal lines) to open the settings for the Antelope program. Here you can adjust compression settings for the images. For JPEG images, you can choose to remove the EXIF data and choose auto progressive conversion. In the PNG options, you can set an optimization level using the slider control. You can also choose to create a backup of the original image files before optimizing them.

Volarent Antelope

Finally when you are ready, you can click on the Optimize button and it will start optimizing all the files in the list in sequential order. It will show the compression ratio, new file size, old file size and the difference between the old and new file sizes. All the optimized files are saved in their original folders.

Conclusion: If you have to regularly share image files on your social network or on your website, then you can reduce the time it takes to upload them and improve the website performance by optimizing and reducing the image file sizes using the free Voralent Antelope JPEG and PNG Optimizer.

You can download Voralent Antelope from http://www.voralent.com/.