WeFi Finds Fastest WiFi Hotspots and Connects You Automatically

Gone are the days when you had to pay a big monthly bill for having the Internet access. These days you can just step outside and find a good working free WiFi hotspot and enjoy unlimited fast internet access any time of the day. Many public places parks, libraries, restaurants, hotels and institutions like colleges, schools offer free WiFi access to everyone. All you need is a WiFi ready smartphone, tablet or notebook and visit the area where WiFi hotspot is on. I myself sometimes spend hours at the local coffee shop and use the free internet access while enjoying the coffee and cheese sandwiches.

But the main problem when using WiFi hotspots is finding a good high-speed hotspot that allows faster internet connection. Sometimes you connect to a WiFi hotpsot, only to find out that it has 180 kbps connection which is no good in modern times. If you want to find the best and fastest hotspots, then you can use the WeFi Windows application. They also have an Android app.

During the installation of the WeFi application, you can choose to automatically connect to the best WiFi hotspot that WeFi finds out in your area. You can configure it later to connect to specific hotspots, approved hotspots (approved by WeFi community) or just any hotspot that WeFi thinks has good speed and signal strength. In the main window, it shows a list of all the hotspots near your so that you can right-click on any one of them and choose Connect to connect to them manually. You may have to specify a password to connect to these hotspots.

WeFi : Find Fastest WiFi Hotspot

You can also view a community submitted map of the hotspots in any area under the WiFi maps section. You can search for any city name and it shows a Google map with all the available hotspots in that city or location. This makes it easy for you to plan ahead to connect to a hotspot if you are going to visit a place.

WeFi : Find Fastest WiFi Hotspot

In the settings for the WeFi application, you can choose various options like automatic starting it with Windows, ask for confirmation before connecting, automatic detection of hotspots that ask web page login or acceptance of terms etc.

WeFi : Find Fastest WiFi Hotspot

Conclusion: WeFi is a smart, free and simple application using which you can easily find fastest hotspots in your vicinity to connect to so that you can get fastest internet connection over WiFi. If you often access the internet over public WiFi hotspots, then you should get the WeFi application or app for your notebook or smartphone.

You can download WeFi from http://www.wefi.com/.