Play Videos Much More Smoothly on Your PC with SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

If you want to enjoy watching movies at home, then you perhaps need a high end television screen that can play movies and videos smoothly at a higher frame per second. But now you no longer have to buy those expensive TV screens to have the pleasure of watching movies in high quality – you can use your existing computer screen and SmoothVideo Project software to watch videos much more smoothly. Usually, video player applications play videos at the speed of 25 to 30 FPS on your computer screen. But the SmoothVideo Project software can automatically increase the FPS rate to 60 Hz forcing the videos to be played more smoothly. It can also make them play in the 3D mode by creating stereo frames, even if the original video is not 3D.

You can download and install the SmoothVideo Project (SVP) software from the SVP team website. The download is a installer package which contains all the necessary components like the MPC Player, SVP and Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes. It works in all the versions of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.1.

After the installation, it places an icon in the Windows notification area and keep watching for any video player windows. It supports all the major video players like Media Player Classic (MPC), VLC Player, Windows Media Player and others. As soon as you start to play a video, it intercepts and creates intermediate animation frames between existing ones to produce very smooth, fluid and clear motion.

SmoothVideo Project

Although SVP automatically picks the best video profile for your screen and makes use of the GPU or CPU to generate the intermediate frames, you can choose your own custom video profiles. You can pick the video profiles by right-clicking on the notification area icon and selecting the Video Profiles sub-section. If you want to switch back to the default profile, then you can choose the Reset to defaults from the same menu and pick a performance model based on the CPU or GPU.

SmoothVideo Project

If you want to enjoy a video in the 3D mode, then SVP can help you generate the stereo frames and make the video to be played in 3D. For this you can right-click on the notification area icon and choose one of the many 3D modes. This way, even if the original video is not 3D, SVP can help you enjoy it in the 3D mode. Of course, you would need either a 3D computer screen or the 3D cyan-magenta glasses.

SmoothVideo Project

If you are skeptical about the performance gain in the video quality through SVP, then it also has a demonstration mode. Through this demonstration mode, you can see the original video quality  and the high-end SVP enhanced video quality side by side in a video player window. On the left side it displays the source video and on the right side it plays the video smoothly. You can easily see the fluidity and the smoothness of the SVP enhanced video.

SmoothVideo Project

Conclusion: The SmoothVideo Project (SVP) makes videos play on your basic computer screen more smoothly and plays them with much more clarity and fluidity. It works with all the popular video player software like MPC player, VLC player, WMP player and more. You can use this to enjoy watching movies on your cheap computer screen as if you were watching them on high-end expensive TV screens.

You can download SmoothVideo Project (SVP) from

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  1. SVP cannot turn 2D videos into stereo 3D videos because SVP does not generate stereo frames. It takes already existing stereo 3D content and interpolates extra frames.

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