CleverCleaner : Find & Remove Junk Files from Your Windows PC

Cold winters are gone and the spring season is here. Flowers are blooming, days are warmer and there is a feeling of happiness in the air. Many people like to clean their house and rooms at this time. While you are cleaning your house, it is also a good idea to get rid of all the junk in your Windows computer. If you choose to clean the garbage off your computer, the free CleverCleaner application can be very useful. The CleverCleaner software can scan and clean the browser related files (cookies, cache, history etc.) for many different web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. It can also clean the commonly known left-over files like thumbs.db, scandisk.log etc.

You can download CleverCleaner from the sourceForge website. The download is a self-extracting archive which runs CleverCleaner automatically upon double-clicking. The CleverCleaner shows up in a small window where you can select the partitions or disk drivers that you want to scan for the junk files.


If you want to customize the CleverCleaner scanning, then you can click on the Options button to choose which items you want to scan. You can choose to scan the web browser cookies, cache, browser history and select which of the browsers you want to scan. There are deletion options for the junk files and you can choose to delete files normally, send them to recycle bin or shred them. There are also some common places that you can choose to scan like the temporary directory, recycle bin, old update files etc.


After you have customized the CleverCleaner scanning and deletion options, you can click on the Run button in the main window to start the scanning for the junk files. In a few seconds, it will display the detected junk files. You can select one or more of these files to be deleted and then click on the Next button to get rid of them. The selected files shall be deleted based on the deletion methods.


Conclusion: CleverCleaner can clean all the unnecessary files from your Windows computer. It is able to delete the web browser cache, cookies and browsing history for various web browsers along with many different types of garbage files.

You can download CleverCleaner from