Find How Much Time You’ve Spent Watching TV Shows

Although newer ways to keep you entertained have come through the internet and mobile devices, yet an average american family still spends enjoying their favorite TV shows in front of the television. I myself wait every week for the new episodes of some of my favorite TV shows like Supernatural, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory and so on. In addition, I also keep complete DVD sets of some of the older TV shows like Three’s Company, Full House, Seinfeld, Cheers etc., for those boring days when I cannot find anything to do. But when you watch these shows everyday, they collectively consume a lot of time over a long period. For example, if you add the time spent on all the 15 episodes of Supernatural Season 9 aired so far, then it roughly comes to be around 15 hours.

Yes, you can use your calculator and Google and figure out the time that you have spent watching any season of any TV show. But a quicker and more efficient way is by using the web app.

You can visit the website and type in the name of your favorite TV show. The web app even suggests the possible matching names for your ease. After this, it will automatically fill in the number of seasons that you have watched of that TV show. But you can type in any number of seasons as you want. For example, if you type in Supernatural, it will automatically fill in 9 for the number of seasons, but if you watched only seasons 1 and 2, then type in 2. Clicking on the right-arrow or pressing the Enter key on your keyboard will show the time spent immediately.

Find Time Spent on TV Shows

As you search for more TV shows on, the total time keeps adding up  for all the TV shows for their respective number of seasons. The total time is shown on the top along with the posters for the TV shows (for specific seasons) at the bottom on the website.

After you have added the total time for all the seasons even for a single TV show, it comes out to be many weeks and months! This is eye opening statistics for the time that you have spent sitting in front of your TV. Just think, if you add all the TV shows and all their seasons that you have watched so far, then it would total up into many years.

Conclusion: The web app allows you to find out the total time that you have spent on watching TV shows. If you are a TV lover, then the results can sum up to many weeks and months and are completely eye opening.

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