Enable TRIM for SSD in Mac OS with Trim Enabler

These days every new computer system is coming with faster and quieter SSD disks instead of the HDD disks. Since the SSDs have no mechanical components, they consume less power and give faster performance in general. But after some time, their performance deteriorates because of the limitations imposed by the NAND architecture. In order to overcome these limitations, you have to enable TRIM command in your operating system. While this command is already enabled in the latest versions of Windows and Linux, you can enable it in the Mac OSX too using the Trim Enabler freeware.

You can get Trim Enabler from the Cindori Software website. The software is available in the standard DMG package. After the installation, you can launch Trim Enabler from the App Launcher.

Trim Enabler for Mac OS

The Trim Enabler offers five tabs interface with each tab offering a new feature – the first tab shows the basic ability to toggle the TRIM command in Mac OS and the second tab shows the SMART status for the SSD disk. Other tabs display premium paid features which are not available in the free version.

If you want to enable the TRIM command in Mac OS, then you can just click on the flip switch in the main tab of Trim Enabler and toggle it to the ON state. This will turn on TRIM for all the installed SSD drives on your system.

In the Settings section for Trim Enabler, you can choose the temperature unit from Fahrenheit or Celsius, choose to alert you if any system updates disable the TRIM patch, and automatically start the Trim Enable application at boot.

Trim Enabler for Mac OS

The paid version of Trim Enabler also have many other features like drive speed benchmark, ability to access advanced features in Mac (like motion sensor, sleep mode and local time machine) etc.

Conclusion: The Trim Enabler app is a free and fast way to enable the TRIM command in Mac OS. This can help you improve the SSD drive performance in Mac OS and make it last longer. It works with all SSD drives that have the TRIM feature support.

You can download Trim Enabler from http://www.cindori.org/software/trimenabler/.