Boost Android Memory & Performance with Memory Booster Lite

You may have observed that sometimes your Android device stops responding and hangs up for a few seconds, and this problematic behavior goes away once you have restarted the smartphone. The reason the restarting of the device improves its performance is because it closes all the unnecessary processes running in the background and hogging your system memory. If you can close these unneeded background processes and memory hogs without restarting your Android device, then you can boost its performance without having to restart it. The free app Memory Booster Lite does exactly the same, it closes all the apps running unnecessarily in the background, frees up the processor and recovers the RAM in order to boost the memory and performance of your Android device.

The Memory Booster Lite app comes separately for smartphones and tablets (there is a different version for tablets) in order to give optimal performance for different types of devices. As you launch the Memory Booster Lite app in your Android phone, it displays the percentage amount of free memory in the notification bar on the top, so that you can easily see how much memory is being consumed at any time.

Memory Booster for Android

In the main Memory Booster Lite interface, you will see a graphical circular display showing you the percentage of system memory currently free along with the total memory installed in your device as well as the total used memory. You can tap on the Quick Boost button at the bottom to quickly close unnecessary apps and recover system memory.

Under the Task Killer tab, it displays a list of apps that are currently running in the background and can be killed. You can select which of the apps you want to kill and then tap on the Kill Selected button. This would automatically and quickly terminate the selected processes, recovering memory and reducing load from the main processor.

Memory Booster for Android

In the settings for the Memory Booster Lite, you can choose to clean cache and collect system garbage while boosting, show notification icon, boost on system startup, choose boost level manager, add processes to whitelist and more. There is also an option for automatically boosting your device’s performance, but it can be enabled only in the paid version.

Memory Booster for Android

Conclusion: If your Android device has started to run like a snail, then you can try Memory Booster Lite app that can boost your device’s performance and free up system memory by closing unnecessary processes running in the background.

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