Identify Unknown Hardware in Windows PC with Hardware Identify

When I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows 8 SP1, I came across a strange case of unknown devices. When I opened the Device Manager in Windows, it was showing a series of unknown devices in my computer. As far as I knew, the PC was working fine and I saw no devices that were not being detected. So what were those unknown devices? Thanks to the tool Hardware Identify that let me easily detect and find all these devices that Windows war reporting as unknown. The Hardware Identify tool scans your system and lists all the devices installed in your PC including the devices without any drivers and the devices with problems.

The Hardware Identify tool is available both as an installer and as a portable application. It is available for all the versions of Windows from XP to 8.1. It is available both for the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. When you launch Hardware Identify, it scans and lists all the devices reported by Windows. Hardware Identify

In this window you can choose to filter the devices in the list by selecting a criteria like show only devices with problems or show only devices with no drivers installed. To know more about a device in the list, you can right-click on it and select one of the many options – lookup the device in the offline database, google for that device based on the device name and google for that device based on the hardware ID of that device.

If you encounter an unknown device, you can look it up in the offline Hardware Identify database (through right-click context-menu) and it will open a new window where it shows a list of possible matching devices. Again you can right-click on any device in this list and choose to google for the drivers for that device. Hardware Identify

Conclusion: The Hardware Identify freeware utility makes it easy to search for drivers of an unknown device in any Windows PC. This way you can find and download the drivers for undetected devices and make them work in Windows.

You can download Hardware Identify from