Clean & Optimize Your Mac with iBoostUp Free

When it comes to video editing, most of the video experts prefer Mac over Windows. If you have taken some time to observe, most of the popular Youtube personalities use MacBook Pro to record, edit and upload their videos. Even though Mac gives you unmatched smooth performance, it starts to get a little slower over a long time of use. The main reason of this slighter degradation in the performance is due to amassing of junk files, cookies, system caches, startup items and other mis-configured settings. If your Mac ails from slow startup and lagged performance, then you can use the free iBoostUp app to clean and optimize your Mac and make it work like new again.

iBoostUp is a free application that is available from the Apple Mac app store. iBoostUp has an integrated interface that allows you to access various of its utilities form one single place. As you launch iBoostUp, it will show you the status of your Mac like processor, RAM and when you last time cleaned and optimized your Mac.

iBoostup Mac Optimizer

The Quick Clean module of the iBoosup app allows you to clean all the junk files, browser cache, cookies, logs, system cache etc. You can select Quick Scan from the left side list and click on the Scan All button. When the details of the found junk files is displayed, you cam choose which items you want to get rid of and click on the Remove button to remove them.

iBoostup Mac Optimizer

Under the Optimization section, it has many tools to optimize various aspects of your Mac. You can shrink the App Shrinker module can remove unneeded components from various apps like unnecessary languages. The Disk optimizer is similar to Windows checkdisk – it can scan and fix your hard disk related problems. The Memory Booster can free up memory taken up by various processes and makes it available to the system, thereby improving the system performance.

iBoostup Mac Optimizer

The Security section gives you access to modify settings related to the Firewall and Wireless connections. You can also shred files irrecoverably using the Shredder module. The ARP Cache Poisoning Detector can help you detect any ARP poisoning attack on your network.

In the System section, you can view which items are being automatically started with Mac through the Startup Items module, remove applications using the App Uninstaller module, view or edit which file types are opened with which apps using the File Types component.

iBoostup Mac Optimizer

There are many other tools included in the free version of the iBoostUp. While some of these tools work in the premium paid version of iBoostUp, nonetheless it can still be used for cleaning, optimizing and boosting the performance of your Mac.

Conclusion: If you are a proud owner of Mac and want to keep it performing like a bran new out of the box Mac, then you can use the free iBoostUp app. It can clean and optimize your Mac to improve its overall performance and health.

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