PrintEco Helps Save Printer Paper and Ink

All the paper is made from the trees and the more paper you use, the more trees are cut down to meet the paper requirements. This is definitely not good for the planet and environment. This is why all the companies and governments all over the world are exploring the electronic storage options and some of them have already minimized or have completely stopped using the paper. But sometimes using paper becomes necessary. If you have to print something, even then you can reduce the paper and printer ink cost using the free PrintEco software. The PrintEco software allows you to remove the excess and unnecessary items from the documents before you print them – reducing the number of paper sheets needed and the amount of printer ink or toner used.

You can get the PrintEco software for free from the PrintEco Software website. The download is available for Windows only. It supports for only Microsoft Office applications (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. During the installation, it is better to close all the web browsers to allow the installation of the add-ons or extensions. Firefox users can also manually install the extension using the .XPI file in the PrintEco programs folder.


Once the PrintEco is installed, you can open any Office document that you want to print and click on the Office orb near the  top-left corner and in the Print sub-menu you can select the PrintEco. Similarly, you can open any document or webpage in any of the supported web browsers and choose the PrintEco command from the menubar.


This would show you a preview of the document or webpage inside the PrintEco container where you can delete any portions of the text or images just by clicking on them. You can also choose the size of the font used and whether to completely exclude the images from the printed document. Once you are done editing, you can click on the Print button and it will send the edited document to the default printer or show you the print dialog.


The beauty of using PrintEco is that the original document remains untouched. The editing is done only in the PrintEco container and immediately sent to the printer for printing. This way you can edit even uneditable PDF documents opened in web browsers before printing.

Conclusion: PrintEco can help you save the paper and printer ink or toner very easily. It shows you a preview of the document before you send it to the printing and allows you to remove the extraneous elements and strip the images completely.

You can download PrintEco from