How to Restore Classic Firefox Theme in Firefox 29

The latest major Firefox update (Firefox 29) has come with a major overhaul of the user interface. The new version of Firefox uses Australis theme which looks more like Google Chrome UI with round corner tabs and left-side menu. As expected most of the Firefox users are shocked by this major modification and are not prepared to adopt to the change. If you do not want to start using the Australis theme right away and want to have some time before you put your feet down in the deep water, then you can use restore the classic Firefox theme, that has been around Firefox version 4.0, using the Classic Theme Restorer extension.

The Firefox Classic Theme Restorer extension does the job remarkably well. Once installed, it automatically replaces the new Australis UI with the classic Firefox 4.0 like UI after you restart the Firefox browser – complete with the orange Firefox button, menu that appears when you click on the orange button, square shaped tabs and so on.

Additionally, the Classic Theme Restorer extension also allows you to customize the classic theme UI to your heart’s desire. You can choose the tabs shapes from Australis curved, square with slight round corners, full square, alternative curved etc. You can choose to disable the titlebar, choose its width and height, choose the color of the orange Firefox button, toggle the start button in the address bar and so on. It also allows you to customize the colors for the tabs.

Classic Theme Restorer in Firefox

The Classic Theme Restorer extension helps you easily restore the classic Firefox theme in a matter of seconds. All the tweaks that it applies automatically would have taken at least half an hour if you try to apply them manually. Besides storing the classic theme for Firefox, it also provides you with a powerful solution to customize the various UI components like tabs, buttons and the address bar in Firefox.

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