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In the modern day and time, it is impossible to live without having multiple accounts for various online services. Most of us have more than one e-mail accounts, then we all have at least one account for each of the three social networks – facebook, twitter and google+. Some of our more geeky friends also keep accounts for FTP and web servers. Only a superhuman can remember so many passwords for all these accounts. We are not suggesting that you are doomed if you do not have super powers, but that you can use a password manager like Speedy Password to manage all of your passwords. Speedy Password is a browser extension that allows you to manage all of your online accounts’ passwords efficiently and easily.

Speedy Password

Speedy Password works with all the three major web browsers – Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You can access it from its toolbar button. When you launch it for the very first time, you have to create a new Speedy Password account which requires a username, email address and master password. For security, it also asks for a recovery image using which you can recover the Speedy Password master password if you forget it.

Speedy Password

Now you can click on the Speedy Password button in the toolbar and add a new website along with its name, URL, username and password. Later on you can just click on any of these added websites to automatically login to them. Speedy Password will enter the username and password automatically to these websites, so you do not have to type them manually.

Speedy Password

If you have to change any passwords or create a new account which requires a password, then in both the cases, you can use the Speedy Password password generator. It can generate very strong password of any desired length containing letters, numerals, special characters etc.

Speedy Password

In the settings for the Speedy Password extension, you can toggle the automatically login to website feature on or off, have the Speedy Password home page shown as the new tab page and automatically log out from the Speedy Password account after some time of inactivity.

Conclusion: Speedy Password is a free password manager for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It stores your password with strong AES256 encryption which ensures complete data security. In addition to managing and generating passwords, it can also automatically log you in to websites.

You can download Speedy Password from http://www.speedypassword.com/.

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