Transfer Files & Settings Between Two Computers with IObit PCtransfer

Microsoft has finally switched off the support for Windows XP, ending a whole era of PC computing. As the support for Windows XP has ended on the April 1st 2014, many of the XP users would be thinking of shifting to more recent versions of Windows – like Windows 7 or Windows 8. But as you shift to newer versions of Windows, you may want to transfer your personal documents, user profile files, settings etc., from your older Windows XP machine to the newer Windows PC. The free IObit PCtransfer application can help you transfer your files, settings and other data from one Windows PC to another easily.

You can download IObit PCtransfer from the IObit website. The download is a portable application so you do not have to install anything on your computer. Just download pctransfer.exe and copy it over to your pen drive (capable of storing the backup of your personal files and other data). Insert this pen drive in the source computer data from where you want to transfer and launch pctransfer.exe from there.

In the IObit PCtransfer window, you can select all the items that you want to backup, e.g., desktop files, web browser settings, MS Office documents, pictures, videos and more. If you have more than one USB pen drives, select the target pen drive from the drop down listbox.

IObit PCtransfer

Finally click on the Backup button to start the backup. During the backup, it will show a progress bar to indicate which of the files are being backed up on the pen drive. In addition to your files, it will also copy the IObit PCtransfer executable to the pen drive so that you can easily restore files from the backup location.

IObit PCtransfer

Now that you have the backup of your files ready on your pen drive, you can plug it into your newer Windows PC, find the sub-folder containing the backup files and launch pctransfer.exe. In the IObit PCtransfer window, select the Restore section, choose a backup from the list and click on the Restore button. This will start to copy files to your newer target Windows PC and in a few seconds you will have all your older files and settings on your new PC.

IObit PCtransfer

Conclusion: IObit PCtransfer helps you transfer your files, settings and other data between two Windows PCs. It is a portable application and is ideal for transferring personal settings and files from your older Windows machine to a newer PC.

You can download IObit PCtransfer from