Blockulicious Blocks Harmful Websites in Google Chrome

One of the ways that cyber criminals have been using to infect victim’s computer for past some years is the drive-by-download of malware on their computer. When an unsuspecting person visits hamrful websites (which usually offer free downloads of pirated software, movies and music) a malicious file in disguise of pirated content is downloaded on their computers instead. This malicious file further downloads even more nefarious trojans and rootkits to take complete control of your computer. The only way to protect yourself from such websites is to use an antivirus that scans the HTTP traffic (like the avast! antivirus). If you are a Chrome user, then you can also block such sites using an extension called Blockulicious.

Blockulicious keeps an up-to-date database of all the malicious websites reported by CRDF, France and AdminusLabs, India. When you accidentally or even intentionally visit such a malicious website, Blocklucious interrupts the connection and blocks it before it can do any damage to your computer.

After the Blockulicious extension is installed in Chrome, it will place an icon in the Chrome toolbar. You can click on this icon to access Blockulicious options.


In the options, you can choose to show notifications on the desktop using the Google Chrome desktop notifications feature. You can also set an update frequency which is 20 minutes by default. You should take into consideration the fact that the CRDF database is very extensive and updates every few minutes. You can also forcibly update the database any time you want. In fact, you have to force-update it immediately after the Blockulicious installation, unless you want to wait for 20 minutes. If a domain is being blocked by Blockulicious and you know for sure that the domain is safe to visit, then perhaps it is a glitch in the Blockulicious database and you can add that domain to whitelist to unblock it.


When you accidentally happen to land on a malicious website, Blockulicious quickly jumps into action and blocks it. Then it redirects to the CRDF France website and shows more detailed information about why that website was blocked. The information is displayed in two languages – French and English.


Conclusion: Blockulicious is a very good Chrome extension that can protect you from the malicious websites that often engage in drive-by-download infections. It makes use of the latest malicious website database from CRDF, France and AdminusLabs, India to block harmful websites.

You can download Blockulicious from