Disk Space Fan Analyzes Hard Disk Space Usage in Windows

When I bought my first one terrabyte hard disk drive, I thought that I would never be able to fill this to the brim. But after one year of usage, I discovered that only 200 MB space was left free. It made me wonder what had I copied to this hard disk to use up all this disk space. Basically I had stored some music, videos and images, but that could not take up so much space. This is when I decided to try the free Disk Space Fan software and found out that some older backups were taking up a huge portion of the disk space. The Disk Space Fan can analyze the space on the your hard disks and present the space usage in a ring chart form, so that you can easily see which folders or files are taking up all the disk space.

After the installation of Disk Space Fan, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. It shows a list of all the disk drives present on your system. If you do not want to analyze a complete partition, then you can choose a folder to analyze it. After selecting a partition or a folder, you have to click on the Scan Now button to proceed.

Disk Space Fan

The scanning takes only a few minutes and is very fast even if you have thousands of folders on your hard disk. After scanning is complete, a ring chart is displayed for the root folder of the selected disk partition. You can hover your mouse cursor over the ring chart to see which of the folders are taking up how much space. You can click on any folder in the ring chart to open a ring chart for that folder. You can also right-click on any item in the ring-chart to browse it the Windows File Explorer.

Disk Space Fan

The free version of Disk Space Fan is limited to just the display of the hard disk usage through a dynamic ring chart, but a paid version for the application also allows you to delete unwanted files right from the ring chart.

Conclusion: Disk Space Fan can analyze hard disk space usage and display it in a beautiful and dynamic ring chart format. This enables you to find unwanted files on your hard disk that could be hoarding the space unnecessarily.

You can download Disk Space Fan from http://www.diskspacefan.com/.