Desktop Slides Changes Windows Desktop Backgrounds Automatically

Ever since Microsoft came up with the idea of setting any picture as the desktop background, Windows users have been finding great looking pictures for decorating their Windows machines. Some of us like to set pictures of our pets, love interests, family members and more recently selfies as the Windows desktop wallpaper. Although the themes in Windows 7 and 8 allow you to automatically rotate desktop backgrounds from many of the pictures, yet they are limited only to the images inside the theme. If you want a brand new picture fetched from the internet every few hours and set as the desktop background, then you can use the free Desktop Slides software.

Desktop Slides is a Windows program that can fetch pictures from the internet belonging to a particular category (like cars, animals, nature, etc.) having the same resolution as your computer screen, and set them as your desktop background automatically.

After the installation, it places an icon in the Windows system tray. You can right-click on it and select Next Wallpaper to change the wallpaper manually. You can also press Shift key and then click on this icon for the same effect.

Desktop Slides

By default, Desktop Slides sets the internet as the wallpaper images source, i.e., it fetches background pictures from the internet. You can open the Desktop Slides settings window (by double-clicking on the system tray icon) and choose a category of wallpapers or just select top wallpapers, latest wallpapers or favorite wallpapers. There is also a setting to choose the wallpaper position (from stretch, center or tile). The Shuffle setting does the same thing to the images collection as it does to a music playlist.

Desktop Slides

If you do not want to use the wallpapers from the internet, then you can deselect the Live setting. After this, you can choose a folder containing the images that you want to use as the wallpapers. Other options include setting the wallpaper changing frequency (by default it is every three hours and can be set from anywhere between 1 minute and 7 days), and filtering the images based on criteria like screen resolution & screen aspect ratio.

Desktop Slides

Conclusion: The Desktop Slides can bring some extra color to your Windows desktop PC. This customizable program can fetch beautiful and mesmerizing images from the internet and automatically set them as your desktop background. It can also use images from your local hard disk.

You can download Desktop Slides from