Ditto is Clipboard Management App for Windows

Clipboard is a magnificent feature of any operating system. When I used the Windows clipboard for the first time, I was so much excited to find out that you can actually keep something in the volatile memory of computer without having to save it in files. But after some years experience of regular computer usage, I finally found out many limitations in the Windows clipboard. For example, it can store only one items at a time – if you copy something else to the clipboard, then the previous item disappears – leading to many of those “Oh Snap!” moments that we have all seen in our computer lives. If you have outgrown the Windows clipboard and want a little more, then you can use the free Ditto software.

Ditto application is a perfect clipboard replacement for Windows. Unlike the Windows clipboard, it does not have any limitation of having just one item in the clipboard at a single time. It can store as many items in the Ditto memory as you please using the same Ctrl+C shortcuts as used by Windows universally.

After you have installed Ditto in Windows, it places an icon in the notification area. Right-clicking on this icon, you can choose to open the Ditto options window, disconnect it from clipboard and configure Ditto hotkeys.

Ditto Clipboard Manager

In the Ditto options window, you can set the maximum number of items stored in the memory (100 by default), the number of days after which the items are auto-cleared, the type of clipboard data types to monitor, configure keyboard shortcuts, view the statistical information about Ditto usage and more.

Ditto Clipboard Manager

When you have to paste the items from the Ditto memory into your applications, you can do it from the Ditto notification area icon. First of all click in your application where you want to paste the data, then click on the Ditto notification area icon and then click on the item that you want to paste. That’s it, the item is automatically pasted in the foreground application as well as put in the clipboard memory (so you can use Ctrl+V to paste it).

Ditto Clipboard Manager

Conclusion: Ditto is a smart, flexible and configurable clipboard management application for Windows. It removes the limitations of the Windows clipboard by allowing you to keep hundreds of items in the memory and making them available for pasting at a single click.

You can download Ditto from http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/.

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  1. I used many clipboard management tools but ditto is my favorite and had amazing experience because this tool saved me lots of time and helped to improve my productivity.

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