Know About Installed RAM in Your PC Using RAMExpert

Earlier we published about the RAMMon software that allows you to find much more detailed information about the RAM modules installed on your computer’s motherboard. But if you do not want to have that much detailed information about the installed memory, then you can use another free software called RAMExpert. This RAMExpert software can tell you about the total amount of installed RAM, the amount of RAM currently in use, and various details about the installed memory modules in every RAM slot of your motherboard. If you do not have memory modules installed in any slot, then it also gives you options to buy compatible memory modules from Amazon.

You can download RAMExpert from the KC Software website. The download is available both as an installer as well as a portable application. The installer contains some adware, so you may want to use the portable application which is completely clean and does not require to be installed.

As you launch RAMExpert, it shows you the total amount of installed memory, the amount of memory currently in use along with a dynamic graphic display that shows you the current usage of the physical memory.


At the bottom, it will show you all the memory slots available on your motherboard and information about the RAM modules installed in them (e.g., slot name, capacity, the manufacturer, model number and type of the memory). At the side of every slot displayed is a Get Specification button which gives you even more detailed information about that memory slot and the modules installed in them.

If you have not installed memory in any slot, then that slot is labeled Empty Slot and if you click on it, the RAMExpert will take you to the Amazon website where you can find memory modules compatible with your computer’s motherboard. This way you can increase the physical memory bank of your PC and improve its performance.

Conclusion: RAMExpert is a free Windows application that gives you information about the memory modules installed in your computer along with options to buy new memory modules for any empty RAM slots on your motherboard.

You can download RAMExpert from