Monitor Internet Bandwidth Usage with Net Meter EVO

These are the wild days for the internet users – the internet access can be free, cheap and costly at the same time in the same city. For example, you can access the internet for free through the Wi-Fi access points, the ADSL internet is cheap these days, but if you take a wireless data plan from your mobile connection provider then it is going to be costly. If you took a mobile internet data plan and you are worried about how it is going to be used, then you can use the free Net Meter EVO application for Windows. It can monitor the network bandwidth usage on any Windows computer and show it in a graph form to you.

The Net Meter EVO is a portable application developed by ReadError and can be run in any version of Windows without having to install anything. As it runs, it places an icon in the notification area of Windows (typically near the lower-right corner of Windows). A graphical display of the upload and download data speeds is shown near this system tray icon in a popup window.

Net Meter EVO

If you do not see this graphical bandwidth usage window, then you can right-click on the system tray icon and selecting Show Meter from the menu that appears. By default, this graph shows the bandwidth usage for all the network interfaces, but you can choose a particular interface by right-clicking on this system tray icon and selecting one of the network interfaces.

Net Meter EVO

In the options for Net Meter EVO, you can choose to auto-start it with Windows, choose to display all the network interfaces, choose the graph window settings,  fonts, colors and more. It also has a feature to display the network bandwidth usage on the Logitech LCD if your notebook computer has one.

Net Meter EVO

Conclusion: If you want to monitor the bandwidth usage of your internet data plan in Windows, then you can use the free Net Meter EVO to see how much data is being downloaded and uploaded at any single moment.

You can download Net Meter EVO from;dl=item31.