How to Add Obama Icon Effect to Your Pictures

When the US President Barack Obama contended in the presidential elections in the year 2009, an artist named Shephard Fairey designed a an abstract poster of Obama using a combination of just four colors red, blue, black and white. These posters of Barack Obama became the icon of the Presidential campaign for the election and later on were known as the Obama Icon posters. During the campaign many such posters were sold with different tag lines like “Hope”, “Progress”, “Change” and “Vote”. It has been a long time since then, but if you are a fan of the US President Obama, then you can give your own pictures an Obama Icon effect easily.

There are many web sites that allow you to add the Obama Icon effect very easily to your pictures. One of these websites is All you have to do is visit the website and upload your picture. The picture format should but JPEG and ideally it should focus on your face – a passport picture will be perfect for this. But you can experiment with any type of pictures – after all this is a free service and does not take more than a few seconds to try.


You can also select many the text that has to appear at the bottom of the poster. You can select the text from “Hope”, “Progress”, “Change”, “Believe”, “Purpose” and “We Can”. There are no options to enter the text manually. It would have been great, if you could enter a custom text, but the web app is designed to mimic the Obama campaign poster so you are allowed only those words that appeared in the original posters designed by Shephard.

As you click on the Confirm button, your picture gets uploaded the to site servers and in only a few seconds, you would see your own Obama Icon poster. You can download it to your computer, print it through a printer or share it with friends through email. You can also take this to a T-Shirt printing service and have a T-Shirt with your own Obama Icon printed on it.


Verdict: The web app gives you an opportunity to design your own Obama Icon style posters using your own pictures. The site mimic every detail of the original Shephard posters and is very easy to use. It is something everyone must do while Barack Obama is still the US President.

You can visit Obama-Me web app site at