Mousinity Wraps Mouse Cursor Around the Screen Edges

My friend Doreen recently bought a large 27 inch computer screen for her desktop computer so that she can enjoy watching movies streaming through Netflix on a large screen. Although she really likes the new screen and movies look really good on it, but now she often complains that she has to move the mouse cursor a lot in order to reach different icons, shortcuts, or the notification area items. As the screen is larger, it takes the mouse cursor a longer distance to travel from one corner to another of the screen. The free Mousinity program solves this problem associated with large screens, by wrapping the mouse cursor movement around the screen edges. If you are using Mousinity and you keep moving the mouse cursor towards the left edge of the screen, it won’t stop at the left edge but reappear on the right edge.

Mousinity is available as a portable application for Windows and supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. After you launch Mousinity application, it starts working and you can move your mouse cursor across the screen edges to see them appear from the opposite edges. It places an icon in the notification area of Windows. You can right-click on this icon and select Show to open the Mousinity settings window.


Under the Selection tab of the settings window, you can see the snapshot of your computer screen and choose a default user interface language. Mousinity supports many different languages like Dutch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Russian and Swedish. But surprisingly Spanish is not present considering it is the third largest spoken language in the world.


Under the Settings tab, you can choose a hotkey to toggle on or off the Mousinity, disable the hotkey altogether, close Mousinity when closing the settings window and display an icon in the Windows notification area. There is also an option that makes it always show the settings window on startup.


You can click on the Hide button to hide the settings window and minimize it to the notification area. After this you can continue using Mousinity for quick jumping of the cursor across the screen edges. But when you need to work on an application that requires cursor to be present on the edges or corners, then you can disable Mousnity using the hotkey (which is Ctrl+Alt+D by default).

Conclusion: Mousinity is a simple and small application that makes the mouse cursor wrap around the edges of your screen. This is especially useful on larger computer screens where you have to move the mouse a great deal to make the cursor go from one edge to another.

You can download Mousinity from