MyDefrag : Flexible Disk Defragmentation Tool for Windows

As you use your computer in every daily life, you tend to download files, copy them from one place to another, delete them when they are needed and so on. All these file operation activities cause your hard disk to have fragments of a single file spread over multiple places on the hard disk. Having many such fragments makes it slower to access these files as the disk header has to move from one to another place to read them. This is why it is necessary to defragment your hard disk from time to time. Defragmentation not only makes file access faster, but it also improves the overall health of your hard disk too. If you do not want to use the Disk Defrgament tool that comes with Windows, then you can use the free MyDefrag disk defragmentation tool.

MyDefrag is a free disk defragmentation tool for Windows that offers flexibility to choose many different options for defragmentation. As you launch MyDefrag, you have to choose one of these script options and your disk partitions that you want to run the selected script on. There all all sorts of scripts that you can choose like Analysis Only, Consolidate Free Space, Defragment Only, Flash Memory Disks etc.


If you have an SSD disk, even then you can use MyDefrag to benefit from defragmentation using the Flash Memory Disks script. This script moves all the files to the beginning of the disk and makes the free space as large as possible. Because SSD disks have a limited write/erase cycles after which they expire, you should not use MyDefrag on an older SSD or should not use it too frequently.

After you click on the Run button in the MyDefrag window, it starts to execute the selected script on the selected partitions. The time taken to run the script depends on the script and the size of the disk partition. The progress of the process is shown in the main MyDefrag window.


Conclusion: MyDefrag is a smart, fast and flexible disk defragmentation tool for Windows. It comes with many ready to use scripts that can analyze or defragment your HDD and SSD disks. Moreover, you can also create your own scripts for much more customized operation.

You can download MyDefrag from