Remap Mouse Buttons in Windows with X-Mouse Button Control

Earlier, we published about how you can remap your keyboard keys in Windows using the free SharpKey software. Although your mouse has relatively fewer number of buttons, you can remap them too if you want and assign many different actions to these mouse buttons using the free X-Mouse Button Control software. This software works with all types of mice  – from simple two button mouse to gaming mice with five or more buttons. Using this software you can attach an action like refreshing the webpage, showing Windows charm, close a window, perform media actions (play, stop, pause etc.), open control panel, open Windows File Explorer and more.

The X-Mouse Button Control software comes both as a setup installed and as a portable application. No matter which version you run, it places an icon in the Windows notification area. You can right-click on this icon to access the X-Mouse Button Control Settings.

X-Mouse Button Control

In the Settings window, you would find many different layers which can be taken as different profiles. You can activate any of these layers to enable the mouse button remappings configured in that layer. This makes it very easy to switch from one type of remapping (for example a layer configured to work with web browser) to another type (for example a layer configured to work with media players).

X-Mouse Button Control

In all the layers, you can assign an action for left mouse button, right mouse button, middle buttons, and wheel actions. There is a huge list of actions that can be set for any of the mouse buttons. Telling you from my experience, you should not assign any action to the left mouse button because then it makes it very difficult to navigate your way through Windows.

In the global settings section, you can enable scrolling background windows, enable toggling of X-Mouse Button Control by pressing the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard, assign hotkeys for switching from one layer to another, and more.

X-Mouse Button Control

Conclusion: X-Mouse Button Control is an advanced software that allows you to remap your mouse buttons and assign many different actions to them easily. It can turn your ordinary mouse into a feature rich power horse of a gaming mouse.

You can download X-Mouse Button Control from