Quick Media Converter HD : Complete Video & Audio Conversion Tool

My niece was trying to copy her parents wedding video on to her Android tablet, so she just plugged in Android in Windows PC and copied the DVD files over to Android storage. But as expected the video will not play in her tablet. The problem was with codecs. If you want to play any video on your smartphone or older feature phones, then you should convert them to a different more popular format first, for example to the MP4 video format. The free Quick Media Converter HD developed by Cocoon Software is a complete video and audio format conversion tool for Windows that can easily help you convert your videos from one format to another more popular and more supported format.

The Quick Media Converter HD tool is available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows and supports all versions of Windows from XP to 8. It supports conversion of high definition videos as well as lower resolution videos using the popular FFMPEG engine. It is very annoying that 55MB of the downloaded setup file does not contain the FFMPEG engine and it has to be downloaded later.

Quick Media Converter HD offers three modes of operation – Easy mode, HD mode, and Expert mode. It starts up in the Easy Mode which lets you add an input video file, choose an output format easily by clicking on the format buttons, and convert it into the selected format. There is also HD Mode, where only HD output formats are available. In the Expert Mode, you can choose all the details your self like the resolution, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ration, cropping etc.

Quick Media Converter

Most of us would be happy to use the Easy mode or HD mode. The Expert mode is only for advanced users. Before you can jump and start to convert video formats, you will have to select an output folder where the target files will be saved. You can change this setting from menubar by selecting My Settings → Folder Settings.

In addition to the usual video conversion features, Quick Media Converter also allows you to record a video straight from your webcam. Just plugin your webcam to your PC and then click on the Webcam button. This will show you a preview of your webcam and options to record video or take a picture.

Quick Media Converter

Conclusion: Quick Media Converter HD allows you to convert the video and audio from and to hundreds of different formats. It offers three modes which cater to the needs for both the novice and expert users. It also has a webcam feature that allows you to record videos straight off from your webcam.

You can download Quick Media Converter from http://www.cocoonsoftware.com/.