Mouse Without Borders : Access Multiple Computers With Same Keyboard & Mouse

Mouse Without Borders is a Microsoft Garage project that allows you to access multiple computer connected over the local network (LAN or WLAN). Using this application you can share your mouse and keyboard over a maximum of four networked Windows computers. It allows you to copy/paste and drag-n-drop files or folders across all the connected computers. It works for Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8. This is ideal for those people who have to work with multiple Windows computers everyday. Using the Mouse Without Borders, you can access all the computers in front of you easily using the same mouse and keyboard.

You an download and install Mouse Without Borders from the Microsoft website. It has to be installed on all the computers that you want to share your mouse and keyboard with. The basic requirement is that all these computers must be on the same local area network. Moreover, in the network adapter properties of all these computers, you must have enabled Client for Microsoft Networks and File & Printer Sharing.

The first thing after the installation it asks on each of the computers is whether you have installed it on other computers. If you choose Yes, then you can enter the security code and the computer name from other computers.

Mouse Without Borders

If you do not know the security code of other computers, then you can right-click on the Mouse Without Borders icon in the system tray, select Settings, and click No to view the security code and the computer name. Once you enter this code into another computer they would be connected.

Mouse Without Borders

Once the computers are connected, you should be able to access other computers using your mouse. But you can fine tune the Mouse Without Borders by configuring its settings. You can right-click on the notification area icon and select Settings to open the options window.

Mouse Without Borders

In the Settings window, you can choose the network layout for all the connected computers and the network adapter through which they are connected. You can just drag-n-drop their thumbnails to arrange the order in which they would be accessed.

Mouse Without Borders

The hotkeys and other options are available under the Other Options tab of the Settings window. Typically you switch through these computers using the Ctrl+Alt+F1, Ctrl+Alt+F2Ctrl+Alt+F3 and Ctrl+Alt+F4. But you can change the F1-F4 scheme to the number keys scheme or completely disable switching. You can also choose to share the clipboard, wrap the mouse around the screen edges, draw the mouse cursor (this option allows you make the mouse visible on other computers) and more.

Mouse Without Borders

Conclusion: If you have to work through multiple computers every day, and you do not like to get up from your comfortable chair, then the Mouse Without Borders is the software for you. It allows you to access a maximum of four networked computers through the same mouse and keyboard. It also offers many other exciting features like sharing the clipboard, drag-n-dropping files across the connected computers etc.

You can download Mouse Without Borders from

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