Recent Files Scanner : Find Recently Modified or Created Files Easily

A few days ago, I had to write a product review for a business. I completed the review in Microsoft Word, saved the file and went out to get some fresh air. But when I came back and tried to find this Word file, I could not locate it. I always save the files on the desktop, but it was not there. I had spent nearly two hours on writing this 1500 words review and it was nowhere to be seen. I was pulling my hair and uttering expletives when my friend Tarah calmed me down and told me to try Recent Files Scanner. Thanks to Tarah and this amazing software, I was finally able to find the missing Word document (I had saved it in a different folder).

The Recent Files Scanner software is a simple tool to find out all the recently modified, accessed, or created files on your computer. It can scan all of your computer, just a specific folder or disk drive for the recent files.

After installing Recent Files Scanner, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. But before you start scanning for recent files, you have to specify where to look for the files. You have to switch to the Settings tab, where you can select a folder from the drop-down list. You can also manually type the full path of the folder that you want to scan. There are many other settings like choosing the date range, search hidden files, search system files, look inside ZIP archive files, date type (modified, created, last accessed) and more.

Recent Files Scanner

After you have chosen the folder path and scan settings, you can switch back to the Results tab and click on the big play button. The scanning is very quick and results are populated instantly. Results show the date, name, type, file size and the folder location for all the files detected.

You can select a file and then choose an action from the toolbar – open the document, open the folder for that file, view more information for that file, show file properties etc. The same actions are available from the right-click context-menu for all the files in the results list. You can also export the results to a Microsoft Excel document.

Recent Files Scanner

Conclusion: Recent Files Scanner is an efficient and highly customizable recent files scanner for Windows that can quickly and easily find all the recently accessed, modified or created files on your computer. When a file that you accessed recently goes missing in Windows, you can use the Recent Files Scanner program to find and locate it easily.

You can download Recent Files Scanner from