Schedule PC Shutdown with WinMend Auto Shutdown

The life is becoming busier every day for everyone. The worries about jobs, partners, love interests, money, insurance, kids and many other things are always on our mind. With so much to do and such a little time, it is no surprise that sometimes we forget to switch off some of the house hold appliances. How many times have you stepped out of your house, walked to the bus stop and wondered whether you have turned off the air conditioner, television or your computer? As far as your Windows PC is considered, you can use the free WinMend Auto Shutdown program to schedule its automatic shutdown. This way even if you forget to power it off, WinMend Auto Shutdown will shut it down right on the schedule.

WinMend Auto Shutdown can schedule the automatic shutdown at the specified time and date, everyday at a specific time or after some specified number of hours. In fact, it can also hibernate, log off or put your PC into the stand-by mode if you do not want to completely shut it down.

As you run WinMend Auto Shutdown, it shows a simple window interface where you can choose an action (shutdown, log off, standby or hibernate), choose a time (daily at a time, at a time on a particular date, or after a specific number of hours and minutes) and then click on the Start Task button to schedule the task. The task is scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler.

WinMend Auto Shutdown

When the scheduled time comes, WinMend Auto Shutdown does not just shutdown your PC without any warning. But it shows an alert window with 60 seconds timer informing you that your PC is going to shutdown (or log off, go into standby or hibernate) after so many seconds.

WinMend Auto Shutdown

If you do not want to wait for the scheduled time then you can right-click on the WinMend Auto Shutdown system tray icon and choose to restart or shutdown the computer at any time. This feature is also great for Windows 8 users who otherwise have to go through many steps before they find the power-off options.

WinMend Auto Shutdown

Conclusion: WinMend Auto Shutdown can schedule your Windows PC to automatically power off, log off, go into standby mode or hibernate at any date and time you select. This is a great feature if you often fall asleep while watching a great flick on Netflix.

You can download WinMend Auto Shutdown from