Weeny Free PDF Extractor : Extract Images, Fonts & Texts from PDF Files

Because of their versatility of use and the ability to retain the same look in every platform, the PDF files have become very popular means of sharing documents online. The PDF files have their own advantages, but they cannot be as easily edited as a Word document. If you want to edit a PDF file, then you perhaps have to buy one of those costly PDF editor suites. And even if you have a PDF editor software, it cannot edit some PDF files as they have placed restrictions on editing or copying. If you already have Microsoft Word or its free alternatives Open Office or Libre Office, then you do not have to spend money on expensive PDF editing suites. You can just use the Weeny Free PDF Extractor to extract the images, fonts, texts and other embedded files and use them as you want.

The Weeny Free PDF Extractor software is a freeware Windows application that can extract all the embedded objects from PDF files. It comes in form of a setup installer. After the installation, you can launch it and start adding your PDF documents. In order to add the PDF files, you can click on the Add PDFs button and select the PDF files. You can add more than one PDF files, but more files will take more time to extract.

Weeny Free PDF Extractor

Near the bottom edge of the Weeny Free PDF Extractor window, you can choose an action that will be performed once the extraction has been completed. You can choose from “Open the target folder”, “Do nothing”, or “Show message”. You also have to select the destination folder where all the extracted files shall be placed (by default, it is set to be C:\My PDF). Once this is set, you can click on the Extract Now button either in the toolbar or near the bottom edge of the window to start the extraction.

The extraction of the images, fonts, texts and other embedded files may take a long or short time, depending on the size and number of files you have added for extraction. The Weeny Free PDF Extractor might seem inactive or hanged up during the extraction process, but when it is over, you can open the target folder and see all the extracted files.

Weeny Free PDF Extractor

Conclusion : If you want to use an image, text or font inside a PDF file, then you can extract them using the Weeny Free PDF Extractor. It can be used to extract the images, fonts, texts and other embedded files and use them as you want.

You can download Weeny Free PDF Extractor from http://www.weenysoft.com/free-pdf-extractor.html.